The FA WSL division 2 coming soon next to you….in 2014

So the news has come to me that there will be an FA WSL Division 2 in 2014. Why not earlier ? because the FA Women’s Premier league season overlaps with the FA WSL season. The 2012-3 WPL  season will start soon will end in May 2013 and therefore the teams selected will have about 10 month without any competitive football as did the original 8 WSL side.

So what do we know about the new format ? not much really so far, apparently 10 teams will be in it, the bidding will start at a later date with information provided to the clubs ….and fans maybe. Also, there would be no promotion relegation at the end of that first division 2 season in 2014. I hope it is just a rumour because we will end up otherwise with the same 8 teams for the WSL seasons 2011,12,13,14 and 15…

I am perplexed because there was so much selection criteria on marketing and money requested to be selected for the original 8 in the WSL that a WSL light version in a way would be a lesser version of the product ?? Why not accept another 2 entries in the main league or replace the bottom 2 with the best 2 from the WPL .



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