Team GB 3 players selected revealed…or not (article was incorrect)

This is an extract from article published in the Belfast Telegraph :

“Northern Ireland will have three footballers at the London 2012 Olympic Games — despite the Irish FA’s opposition to a Great Britain team taking part.

Northern Ireland women’s captain Ashley Hutton, goalkeeper Emma Higgins and Sarah McFadden, who plays her club football with Sunderland, will all be part of a history-making team, as GB has never been represented in women’s football at the Olympics before.

The trio have been told they will receive call-ups when the squad is named within the next few weeks.”

It is very interesting, we now know that it won’t be an all English side and also we can hope that a number of Welsh and Scottish players will be selected as well. If 3 places go to NIR and the equivalent number to Wales and Scotland that would leave 9 places for England and I think it is a very fair repartition actually. It is a lot better than having the old favorites selected over more deserving players.
Regarding the 3 players, we did beat NIR 6-0 and 4-0 in March 2010 and NIR has improved as the victory over Norway has clearly shown and I don’t remember seeing anything spectacular in those games besides a very compact and well organised defensive team …

Unfortunately that article was full of lies and those 3 players not in the squad as of today. Don’t trust papers they print a lot of rubbish…


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