FA WSL Day 1

The FA WSL is back and some things have not changed from last year. It does not mean much of course but Liverpool and Doncaster have already returned to the 8th and 7th place they occupied at the end of season 1.

Current leader is Bristol with a better goal difference that Chelsea and Arsenal. Then come Lincoln and Birmingham who drew and then Everton followed by the bottom two duo.

Nikki Watts has made a great start for Bristol and carried her Reading form by scoring already in the cup and in the WSL. Jess Fishlock had an assist and a brace. Young winger Mel Lawley got a goal as well and is a great prospect as she is such an intelligent team orientated player. It is important to note that McCatty and Yorston both sent off late in the game are likely to miss a few games depending on the referee’s report and actual sending-off reason. 2 important defender to be replaced for those games.

Liverpool still hampered by the work permit problem that doesn’t allow them to sign the foreign players who are waiting to come and play.

Lincoln announced looking to compete for a top 2 place this season and the opening game showed they are up for it and could have won it. Same with Birmingham who will be competing for those places and will also be in the Champions League come September.

Arsenal and Everton produced an eventful game with a red card 5 goals a lot of talking points. Considering they played with 10 girls for 50 minutes, Everton were unlucky not to come back with a point. Arsenal will have to their level next Sunday against Frankfurt.

Chelsea and Doncaster was the opening game live on ESPN. Weather was cold rainy and windy and didn’t help but both team tried to play football. Chelsea end up winner thanks to two quality second half strike from Dunia Susi and therefore top of the League.

Liverpool 1 Bristol 4
Lincoln 2 Birmingham 2
Arsenal 3 Everton 2
Chelsea 3 Doncaster 1

No clean sheet this week, 4.5 goals per game 0.75 red card per game. Week 2 played on the 22nd due to FA Cup semi-final break where Birmingham and Bristol will battle while Arsenal will take on Frankfurt in the champions league semi-final.


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