FA WSL 2012 predictions Arsenal Ladies FC

Place prediction : 1st to 3rd

Arsenal did the treble last season but failed in the Champions league at the semi-final stage due to the quality of the opposition but also the bad scheduling that piled-up games before and between the two champions league ties. Strangely enough, it wasn’t the best season in term of football quality but with such a compressed schedule, it was more of an endurance test than a football competition last year.

The WPS suspension has allowed Arsenal to sign 3 ex players in Alex Scott, Kelly Smith who is injured and Gemma Davison. A welcomed influx of new blood to bring more depth and competition to the squad. This has lead to 3 young prospects leaving the club to other WSL side ( James, Lawley and Sargeant) and there will be some questions asked at the end of the 2012 seasons if all the veteran players carry on for another year or retire. Becky Spencer also left in serch of first team football, leaving the club with only back up the unexperienced Adams, Field and Harris.

So the Arsenal squad is ready to compete on four fronts and will try to repeat the 2006/07 when they won the quadruple.There is a strong winning mentality in that squad and a champions league win might be possible.


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