Can Arsenal win the Women’ Champions League ?

To be honest until a few days ago, I would have said no. Of course it all changed with the arrival of 2  former players Alex Scott and Kelly Smith. Rumour going round is a 3rd players has also signed but there is no confirmation on the UEFA website that this player is actually registered for the later stage in the tournament.  That wouldn’t make sense to sign a player to play only in the WSL as she didn’t play in the FA Cup on Sunday despite being there at Lincoln.

So the context is very simple : Arsenal trains only twice a week as semi-professional and will play against sides that trains every day and are full time professional. It is a gap that is extremely difficult to bridge and the girls managed to do it in 2006/07. Unfortunately that gap has become bigger as seen last season in the semi-final against Lyon. That team had a lotof good players who are working every day on fitness, technical skill, team shape etc and when you only have 2 sessions a week, it is really difficult to compete.

With those 2 quality players there is a chance to be able to wins those tie and reach the final at the Munchen Olympiastadion.  Especially as the road to the final is clear of Turbine Potsdam and Lyon. The only worry is that a few players are struggling with the highest elite  level. They have been for a few seasons now and it doesn’t mean they are not good enough for the FA WSL or the FA Cup.

Indeed they are more than good enough as the team has done the domestic treble but the champions league intensity, pace, technical skill is a lot higher than the domestic competition in that later stage of the tournament and some players have been found out for the last few years, while some have been performing solidly and superbly.

So the answer is yes, Arsenal Ladies can win the trophy again with a bit of luck involved probably but there are enough good players around with some quality youngsters to back them up (oops not the best ones bar one  have been sent to other WSL sides)


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