Some numbers from the Cyprus Cup

4 games, 2 wins 2 defeats, 5 goals scored 7 conceded. 22 players used including 4 goalkeepers. Scorers Kelly Smith x2, Carney, Moore, Fara Williams

Here are the full stats for the Cyprus Cup 2012. Players are ranked by number of games played then by the number of minutes played :


  1. Stoney 3+1 344 minutes outof 360 maximum
  2. F Williams 3+1 300 minutes
  3. Houghton 3+1 284 minutes
  4. Carney 3+1 265 minutes
  5. A Scott 3 270minutes
  6. Bassett 3 270 minutes
  7. S Smith 3 217 minutes
  8. E White 2+2 218 minutes
  9. R Williams 2+ 2 201 minutes
  10. J Scott 2+ 1 225 minutes
  11. Moore 2+1 206 minutes
  12. Clarke 2+1 169 minutes
  13. Unitt 2 180 minutes
  14. Susi 2 176 minutes
  15. K Smith 2 147 minutes
  16. Brown 2 124 minutes
  17. Chamberlain 1+2 146 minutes
  18. Bardsley 1 74 minutes
  19. Asante 1 45 minutes
  20. Bradley 1 32 minutes
  21. Whelan 1 16 minutes
  22. Telford +1 16 minutes


So the starting 11 for the tournament looks like : Brown, A Scott Bassett Stoney Houghton, F Williams J Scott Carney, E White R Williams S Smith.

Interesting to note that Rachel Brown has started 2 games but has less overall minutes played than Chamberlain, Bardsley had 1 game against France and Telforda mere 16 minutes. Chamberlain who was voted the FA WSL goalkeeperof the year and deservedly so. Before the tourney I would have thought that Bardsley was the number 1 as per her shirt number but she might have given it up and let Brown back in ? Or Chamberlain, the only one not in competition is Telford which is absolutely amazing as she seems to be rooted to number 4 goalie.

Defender wise, Stoney played nearly every minute, she is very reliable. A Scott was her usual self, Houghton impressed at left back against France and was given plenty of game time. Bassett also started 3 games at center back as far as I have seen,which is unusual considering she has been mainly a center midfield for England. Unitt started 2 games but not the one against France which was the big game. She is still the number 1 option until Rafferty is fully fit I would guess. On that note it is interesting to note that she was allowed to leave Everton who have a ready made replacement coming from the reserves who is actually a more complete player in term of overall skills.That girl might compete for a place at Euro 2013 against Rafferty. Dunia Susi played 176 minutes and cimenting her place as a very useful back-up Bradley and Whelan got injured early in a game received no significant playing time…

Midfield F Williams and J Scott led the team by example, J Moore comes a surprising 3rd in midfield time and games awarded. She has been a fantastic prospect for England through the youth teams for years and it is good to see her being rewarded in that tournament.K Smith played a game and a half before being battered and injured by the French hatchet women. Asante got 45 agaisnt France and just disappeared ? A really strange situation for a fantastic player who does not seem to be trusted those days ?

Forwards Carney ever present and skillfull as always, S Smigh took advantage of Yankey’s injury to re-establish herself in the team. E White was undustrious and hard working as ever. R Williams was given plenty of time for a change and she can only hope she did well enough to be called back for the next Euro qualifier.

So who will be back from those 22 girls for the next qualifiers ?

First, we have to take into account the return of the injured F White, Rafferty and Yankey plus Aluko should she be available as she pulled off a few squads due to studying.

I would say if there is no injury between now and the next game in Croatia :

Bardsley, Brown, Chamberlain

A Scott, Stoney, F White,Bradley, Houghton,Unitt, Rafferty(if fit)or Susi

F Williams, J Scott, K Smith, Moore, Bassett

E White, Carney, Yankey, Aluko R Williamsor S Smith








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