The FA Premier League Cup episode 2

Well this competition is ran in parallel with the FA women’s cup and the more local county cups which means rearranged games and postponements. As a reminder the top 2 sides from the 7 groups qualify as well as the best 2 thrid placed teams. No idea of of the criteria to select the best 3rd placed team though as no official communication from the FA.

Group 1

1. Blackburn 3 pts Gd+3 gp 1

2. Man City 3 pts gd +2 gp 1

3. Preston 3 pts gd 0 gp 2

4. Rochdale 0 pt gd -5 gp 2

Rochdale already eliminated of the competition. Blackburn and Man City slightly favorite ahead of Rochdale to qualify in top 2.

Group 2

1. Barnet 6 pts gd 4 gp 2

2. Col U and West Ham 1 pt gd 0 gp 1

4. Watford 0 pt gd -1 gp 1

5. Spurs 0 pt gd -3 gp 1

5 teams all sides will play 4 games and Barnet has already completed half of their schedule.  They are looking good for a top 2 finish while all to play for for the other 4 teams.

Group 3

2 games played only Porstmouth – Plymouth 7-0 and Reading Keynsham 3-1.  Plymouth nearly out of it already due to that -7 goal difference because they need 2 big wins like 4-0 twice just to finish with 6 points and a +1 goal difference with games against Keynsham and Reading.

Group 4

5 teams again only 2 games played Charlton-Brighton 6-2 and Millwall -QPR 1-1 with Gillingham having not played a game yet.

Group 5

No game played so far !

Group 6

Only 1 game played so far Forest winning 2-1 at Leicester

Group 7

2 games played SC Albion – Cardiff 0-2 and Coventry- Sc Albion 2-1

SC Albion unlikely to qualify with 0 point in two games, could finish 2nd with 3 but would need a huge win against Villa to catch up on goal difference and hope that Villa beat Coventry and that there is a winner between Cardiff and Coventry.


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