Can we get the information please ?

I am one of those who likes to understand what happens in a football game. And I think this is were the FA  fails the fans with the Women’s team.  If you go to the FFF website and see what is available on the WNT and compare it what you get with England well. In terms of contents number and quality one team is miles ahead.
The other difference is the information passed on to the fans. Interviews pre and post games, final thoughts from the manager and players explaining what went right and wrong tactics etc…
I will take a very obvious example of lack of communication/explanation. France v England world cup quarter final. 3 controversial criticised substitutions blamed for England’s elimination. We didn’t get to the bottom of it didn’t we?
Rafferty on is very simple, Unitt couldn’t deal with Thomis pace. Absolute no brainer, correct decision spot on and clearly explained in interview.
Asante on for Yankey  Powell trying to close down the game with a 1-0 lead and 6 minutes to go. Spot on again, a defensive midfielder to help a defense under a lot of pressure. Very logical process. With hindsight, Kelly Smith could have been taken off as we saw in extra time she couldn’t play basically, but you can do everything right with hindsight.
So coming to the Houghton for Scott substitution, that came at the same time as the Rafferty one. First why Steph and not Dunia Susi who has been playing as Scott understudy for 2 seasons ? Then did an explanation ever come about that strange one ? I don’t recall anyone coming into the media (coaching staff or players ) explaining it actually? Considering an extra sub would have been useful in extra time, you do wonder why Alex Scott was subbed ? Well according to someone who was told about it, it was down to misscommunication with the bench who thought she was injured…Oh dear.

Another typical bad communication example is the La Manga January trip. We are all well pleased to know 47 players have been selected between the seniors and the U23 but any chance of actually telling us who travelled ? Was it a secret actually ? I mean I did manage to guess about 35 of those names thanks to social media but hey was there a secret agent ??
Another funny thing is the U15,17,19,22 squad lists. Sometimes they are not published on the FA website but available on clubs website??Very strange indeed.
I think sometimes explaining a bit more why players are selected and rejected would be also interesting because some choices are sometimes difficult to understand with regards to the players quality and performances.

So I think there is definitely a place for improvement from the FA with regards to communication to the fans with all the England women’s team.


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