En route vers Londres part 2


The long list had 6 names, 2 of them who are not as good the other 4.

So take your pic from Bouhaddi*, Deville, Phillipe and Sapowicz.

Bouhaddi has just come back from a year in the wilderness due to some problems and is a serious candidate with her current form and honours from the previous seasons.

Phillipe is the number 1 for the future as she has everything and shown great ability at U19 and U20 level.

Sapowicz and Deville have shown their limits during the world cup in Germany. So we have now 16 players out of 18.

Dark horses those who are not as good as the other candidates and would be selected if many injuries to the main squad

Benameur*, Malet*, Delannoy*, Plaza*, Soyer*, Diguelman*, Houara*

Blacklisted as it says in the tin the no-hoppers for multiple different reasons

Viguier (unknown status), Henry* Lattaf* and Tonazzi* won’t be selected unless something good happen for them

Injured Rubio* won’t be available and it is a shame as she was looking to break into the squad.

Fringe all the rest fighting for the elusive reaining 2 places

Dusang* has been in and out of the team due to multiple injuries

Makanza* has been called up for the first time former U19 champion

Gadea* up and coming center back also a former U19 champion

Catala* currently with one cap and another of those winning 1991 girl who won the Euros.

Lepailleur a regular during the world cup currently injured. Certainly one of those very close to making it onto the train

Pizzala didnt play much at the world cup and not being called up recently

Crammer* another girl from the 1991 generation had problem with her club and coming back now but is behind the other forwards in the pecking order.

Bretigny the eternal joker, comes a la David Trezeguet when a goalscorer is needed to salvage a game or finish it.

It is very difficult to know who will be the final 2 outfield players as some parameters and form will evolve until June.


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