Team GB : what about out of favors English players?

As team GB is not the same as England, I am thinking those who have retired or been left behind by Hope Powell deserve toget a chance. The question is as we have no idea of the parameters in the selection process, it is hard to know if some girls will be given a fair chance. What we know is there is a long list with players from England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland. The men’s  long list is said to have 141 listed so you would expect at least 150 names for the  women’s list ( 25 for SCO, NIR, WAL and 75 for ENG)

So let’s start with the two retired players Katie Chapman and Lianne Sanderson. There is no reason to believe they would pass on the chance to play for team GB. Both are extremely skillfull and have quit England due to disagreement with the management.  I certainly think they would add value to the side with their experience and tactical profile although we know players with the same profile as Lianne don’t get a look in either (Dowie). The main problem is would they play under Hope Powell ?

Then you have for example 2 players who played with England youth teams and then moved to another country to play at senior level.  For example Kylie Davies and Helen Lander. You would think Kylie Davies is in direct competition for a place with Sophie Bradley and if you compare what Dvies with Wales and Chelsea and what Bradley does with Lincoln and England, there is not much difference.  Then if you look at individual skills well Davies has a bigger range : Bradley is a defender-defender-organiser while Davies is a defender +so brings more to a team.

You can also compare Helen Lander with Eni Aluko, again two very similar kind of forwards. Definitely not much difference between those two except one plays for England and the other one for Wales. Both rely on pace and movement and like to play with space in front of them.

And then 2 names I can mention that are currently out of Hope Powell interest for some reason and you would think had nother manager been selected for team GB, they would at least have a chance to get in the squad. Because at the end of the day, some players will simply miss out on this unique events without even getting a chance and that is totally wrong.

So Gilly Flaherty nearly 100 games with Arsenal, has won every trophy available in England and a starter for 3 years in the best english team ? In term of football limitations, she has a lot less than the current England center backs in general.

Then you have Gemma Davison a typical winger who also has won everything with Arsenal has been a regular for a couple of seasons, went to the USA won the WPS title playing with Marta, Sinclair, Morgan, Seger and co. She has clearly no problem taking on beating defenders with her pace and she can cross the ball as she has been giving between 20 and 40 assists per season in England. If you compare her with the wingers for England well…

Two typical cases of players who deserve to get a chance and won’t unless 5 to 10 players in their podition get injured in the run-up to the Olympics.

No doubt out of 18 players selected for the Olympics, you will get at least 13 English ones if not more, it could even go up to 18, if the fitness of the non-english players is deemed too low regardless of their football ability?



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