The relegation battle – WPL National division

2 teams will go down from the following contenders, they are ranked by the maximum potential points they can reach and their actual League position is on the left column.


10. Watford 7 points (19 pts maximum)

7. Reading 16 points ( 25 pts maximum)

9. Forest 11 points (29 pts maximum)

3. Charlton 22 ( 31 pts maximum)

5.  Barnet 20 points ( 32 pts maximum)

4. Coventry 21 points ( 33 pts maximum)

6.  Aston Villa 17 points ( 35 pts maximum)

8. Cardiff 15 points ( 42  pts maximum)


Watford are  in a very difficult position due to their terrible start of the season.  So it leaves 7 teams in theory fighting for their future in the national division.

In reality, Reading, Forest and Cardiff are in it with maybe Charlton in danger if they don’t take win at least one of their 3 remaining games.

Last year, the relegation battle went to the final day with Millwall going down with 13 points and Barnet, Watford and Blackburn all finishing with 16 points ( from 14 games) and goal difference condeming Blackburn to relegation by a couple of goals.

Forest has currently a -13 goal difference,  Reading -12 and Cardiff +4  with Charlton at +2.

So Watford very likely to go down and it will be a very tight battle between the 3 teams Forest Reading and cardiff IMO.

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