The Cardiff City Ladies conumdrum

In the Women’s Premier League national division most teams have 4 to 6 games to finish their League season which is a bit of a joke with a Winter season starting in September. But Cardiff City have 10 more games and are sitting 3rd from bottom in the table as of today but could finish champions actually, should they win all their remaining games.


Let’s have a look at Cardiff upcoming games :

11/12 H Reading

18/12 A Leeds

Christmas break and then 8 more League games to play.

08/01 open date 1

15/01 international friendlies

22/01 open date 2

29/01 open date 3

05/02 FA Cup

12/02 international friendlies

19/02 open date 4

26/02 FA Cup

04/03 Algrave Cup

11/03  FA Cup

18/03 open date 5

25/03 FA Cup

01/04 Euro qualifiers

08/04 open date 6

15/04 FA Cup

22/04 open date 7

29/04 open date 8

06/05 open date 9

13/05 open date 10

20/05 open date 11

27/05 open date 12

Cardiff City are not likely to go all the way in the FA Cup and we don’t know the format for the WPL League Cup yet but it could pile-up more games on Cardiff heavy’ schedule. Clearly a typical of badly managed schedule by the FA. I mean they plan the season to start in September and finish on the 18th of December. Really? It also does raise a question on the fairness of the competition.




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