Euro 2013 qualifiers

The group winners and best runners-up (counting results against the teams first, third, fourth and fifth in their section) progress to the final tournament, and the other six runners-up go to the play-offs.

Play-offs rules : The six teams will be drawn into three pairs for the two-legged play-offs on 20/21 and 24/25 October 2012. The three nations with the highest coefficients are seeded and at home in the second leg. The three winners qualify for the finals.

So in group 1 Italy, Russia or Poland can win the group.

Group 2  Spain and Germany to battle for the win, Switzerland would need a monster effort to finish in the top 2.

Group 3  Iceland, Belgium, Northern and Norway all in it, a very open group which is unexpected really.

Group 4  France just need 3 home wins against Wales, Ireland and Scotland with those 3 teams fighting for the runner-up spot, except it Scotland takes 4 points of us and would finish top.

Group 5  All to play for for everyone except Estonia Slovakia and Belarus ahead of Finland and Ukraine.

Group 6 Netherlands and England will fight for the top spot.

Group 7 Denmark well ahead with Czech Republik and Austria for the runner-up place.

So far it is difficult to evaluate who will be the best runner-up, because in the 3 6 teams group, the bottom team is not clearly defined.

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