Is the England women team going nowhere ?

Looking at the latest England squad for the game against Serbia, I find it extremely puzzling the over-reliance on certain players who are guaranteed to be in the squad regardless of their past performances and failure?

It is normal to have a backbone of players but if the backbone is weak and fragile and broken, it needs to be changed with new blood otherwise come 2013-15 a lot of girls will be thrown at the deep end without tournament/ big games experience. Regeneration is a natural process : older players get replaced by younger fitter and better ones.Well it does not seem to happen very often with England under Hope Powell.

I really don’t think it is rocket science to leave at home those who failed repeatedly. According to a players interviews there are team and individual debriefing after games and tournaments so you really if the lessons from the World Cup have been learnt or if it is the same old song.

England will at minimum reach the play-offs and there is no doubt about that. Simply because group 6 has only 2 big teams Holland and England, Serbia Croatia and Slovenia are minnows that should be brushed aside easily. I know it didn’t happen in Serbia which was a big shock and reflected badly on the FIFA with many points losts. So direct qualification or via play-off is more or less guaranteed because there is too much quality in the side to fail. The main problem now is getting the right players on the pitch because if you are a top class player sitting in the stand or on the bench won’t help the team.

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women's football fan since 1998

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